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  The our company constructs for the Nantong chemical industry lightindustry limited liability company and the Japanese pill redjoint-stock company joint capital stores in a storehouse theenterprise, was established in 1991, registered capital 4.2 million USdollars, fixed asset original value 180 million Renminbi. The companystorehouse district is situated in the Jiangsu Province Nantongeconomic development zone river harbor area, area 104000m2, constructshas 50,000 tons petrified special-purpose wharves 1, the aggregatecapacity 171800m3 chemical storage tank and 5,000 m3 liquifiedpetroleum gas storage tank, the specialty is engaged in the bulkliquids chemical industry and the liquefied gas harbor meets unloadsand relays the divergence service. The our company is the YangtzeRiver coast most early imports the liquified petroleum gas the port tostore the enterprise, also is most early imports one of bulk liquidschemical industry specialized wharves. The company went intoproduction for more than ten for years from 1993, has safely metunloads each kind of ships approximately 3,000 ship-times (importships approximately 2,000 ship-times), already met unloads each kindof chemical industry many kinds of 70, about the volume of goodshandled 15 million tons, was Nantong and the Yangtze River along theroute important chemical industry and the liquified petroleum gasrelay base. In 2003 the main customs administration authorizes the ourcompany is the bonded warehouse, the development chemical industrybonded stores in a storehouse the service. In 2007 the company becomesthe Shanghai petroleum exchange, rather 波多 the pood liquidchemical industry electron transaction center and so on finalizes inNantong the storehouse. Since has gone into production, depends uponthe high quality service, the good prestige, has won the multitudinouscustomer, relays the customer to the our company to cover places suchas Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing. Also has many overseas companies alsoin admiration of somebody's fame to come to relay the cargo. Thecompany starts doing business for more than ten for years never tohave the overweight big security accident, the person casualty as wellas the environmental pollution accident.
  The company has February obtained ISO9002 in, 2001: 1,994 qualitycontrol system authentication certificate, becomes in the colleagueindustry most early one of through authentication enterprises. InSeptember, 2003 passed GB/ T19001-2000 - ISO9001:2000 to reevaluatethe authentication, in 2004 passed the GB/T28001 - 2,001 occupationshealthy safety control system authentication. In 2006 the companypassed GB/T 24001-2004 - ISO14001: 2,004 environment management systemauthentication, becomes Yangtze River along the route to be few innumber through three individuals is one of authentication enterprises.
  This company already has relayed liquid chemical industry productincluding liquified petroleum gas, pyprolylene monomer, toluene,xylene, styrene, liquid industry naphthalene, methyl alcohol, glycol,1, 4 - butylene-glycol, cutyl acetate, dichloroethane, dimethylformamide, methyl ethyl ketone, strong sulfuric acid, phenol, gasolineand so on nearly 70 varieties.

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