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Quality, environment, occupation healthy safety control policy
Observes law and discipline the safety first humanist safeguardhealth
The prevention pollution saves the resources high-qualityservice to continue to improve
Quality, environment, occupation healthy safety control goal
Customer satisfaction rate 95% every time relay ten thousandtons goods material and energy consumption electricity to decreaseprogressively every year 1%
The waste water waste gas reaches the sign to dischargedangerous solid reject recycling handling rate 100%
The environmental pollution accident occurs for the zero fireexplosion accident for the zero non- occupational disease
The severe wound and above accident do not surpass two everyyear for the zero minor wound accident

  This company is the flammable explosive chemistry dangerousmaterial stores in a storehouse the enterprise, the main service isprovides the cargo for the customer the relay service. We do all workfirst to have to observe law and discipline, this is the premise andthe basis, is the enterprise bases the foundation. Says regarding thisenterprise, is safe is the life, the quality is the guarantee, theenvironmental protection is the responsibility. The company is engagedin is the dangerous chemical relay work, is safe is enterprise's life,if company's personnel, the property cannot obtain the full safetycontrol, the customer relays the cargo cannot obtain the safeguard,the company not not impossibly normally to develop the service,obtains the benefit without knowing where to begin, therefore mustwant the safety first. Among this, first is person's life and thehealth security. Therefore must humanist, the safeguard health. Storesin a storehouse the company is the service enterprise, the service isenterprise's product, the high-quality service is the enterpriseobtains the benefit, the survival and the development guarantee. Wemust take the customer as the attention focal point, understood andsatisfies the customer to request, to provide the highly effectivehigh quality service. As an enterprise, we not merely satisfy owndevelopment, but also on own initiative undertakes to the society,carries on the protection to the survival environment theresponsibility, according to the enterprise relay chemistry goodscharacteristic, we even more must pay great attention to theprevention pollution, the frugal resources, this also is theenterprise to the survival environment repayment. The company mustthink the long-time development, must depend upon all staff'sendeavor, unceasingly accumulates the experience in the work,continues to improve. Therefore company's administrative policy, needsto take the propaganda, training, the conference, provides form and soon document informs possesses for the company and the personnel whichworks on behalf of the company, and may gain for the public.
  Under the administrative policy instruction, has drawn up the fireexplosion accident in the security aspect for zero, the severe woundand above accident for zero, the minor wound accident does not surpasstwo goals every year, to person's safety, the final goal is the non-occupational disease occurs, by carries on the control through theimprovement operational site facility to the harmful factor,strengthens the labor protection, pays attention to the comprehensivegoal which the staff health and so on many action realizes. In theenvironmental protection, we reach the sign take the waste water wastegas to discharge, dangerous solid reject recycling handling rate 100%and the environmental pollution accident realize the control as zerowhich discharges to the pollutant; But every time relays ten thousandtons goods material and energy consumption electricity to decreaseprogressively every year 1%, then from reduces the energy consumptionthe angle, strengthens to the energy use management. Customersatisfaction rate 95%, honor an agreement by the contract to lead, theservice mistake rate, the customer opinion to suggest the situation,the customer sue aspect and so on situation composes, by timecomprehensive reflection product (service) quality.
  All staff must be familiar with, the understanding and on owninitiative carry out the quality environment occupation healthysecurity policy and the goal, and strictly carries out the legal lawsand regulations according to the request, the standard daily behavior,by the health personnel, safe and secure environment, provides therelay service which the customer satisfies, thus causes the company tocontinue stably to develop.

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